Who is it Suitable For?

Men and women aged 18 upwards of all abilities can do classes.

1. Improve Sports Performance

Whether you are fit and healthy and want to improve your performance in your sports such as running, tennis, golf, cycling, horseriding, skiing, or you just want a more dynamic and challenging aerobic class. Many high profile athletes such as Christiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Andy Murray swear by it to improve their core alignment and any muscular imbalances.

2. Improve General Fitness, Core Strength and Flexibility

For those who just want to do classes to maintain strength and flexibility. Even if you are recovering from an injury or body issue, and the GP or Physio has recommended pilates, the reformer is an extremely useful piece of equipment. The reformer can be adapted to any fitness level by increasing or decreasing the resitance , and will work towards re-aligning the body for optimum functional movement for daily life.

 3. Low impact

While many exercises are simply too hard on the joints for many people to participate in, Reformer Pilates being low impact, is very supportive & flexible. It can offer resistance training for building muscle strength to help support your bones.

4. It’s an easy way to burn calories

A beginner can burn about 250 calories in a one hour Reformer Pilates session. If you’re capable of more strenuous exercises, then it’s possible to burn even more than that.